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Dutch Treat Salads

WZZM 13 is highlighting the company, Dutch Treat Salads, which mixes farm fresh ingredients to make Deca Durabolin Jak Brac salads.(Photo: WZZM 13 is highlighting the company, Dutch Treat Salads, which mixes farm fresh ingredients to make salads.)

"These recipes we have may come from your grandma or your great grandma," says Brookens."They bring it in and we play with it Anavar On Liver and we tweak it and we've got a new salad."

Dutch Treat Salads has been around for more than three decades.

"My wife and I were blessed about 13 years ago to Acheter Viagra Bruxelles purchase Dutch Treat Salads," says Brookens. "I always thought a restaurant would be a good thing to buy, but the hours are tremendous."

Instead, Ron Brookens now focuses on creating 30 different kinds of fresh salad, including a new Gensci Jintropin jalapeno potato salad. The company uses ingredients from local farms whenever possible.

"Our produce comes from Heeren Brothers out of Grand Rapids," says Brookens. "We have a local farmer that grows all our potatoes."

Summertime is the busy season; 22 hard working Michigan employees make it all possible.

"I hear those Pure Michigan commercials on the radio and I'm like, 'I live here that's really cool', not everyone can say that," says employee, Comprar Gh Jintropin Katie Tiffany.

The cooler room is kept at 38 degrees and that's where all the final products will be shipped to other parts of the country. States include Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. Brookens says his company will always be loyal to Michigan.

Dutch Treat Salads also makes other items such as bread pudding and apple sauce. You can find their products in many stores all around West Michigan including Central Park Market and Bob's Butcher Block. "Anabolika Definition" You can also purchase a minimum Dianabol Atlas-Dom of 5 pounds at the salad company's Zeeland Township location. "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt"