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Eastman's Legacy and Motion Pictures

Legend has it that on this day in 1885 George Equipoise Bloat Eastman produced the first commercial motion picture film. It was an innovation that led to a booming industry. But as News 8s Matt Molloy discovered it really wasnt until years "Anaboliset Aineet" later that Eastmans film was used for motion pictures.

True or false? This day in history George Eastman produced the first commercial motion picture film. The New York Times says true. The History Gensci Jintropin channel, true again. Even Encarta Encyclopedia agrees. But the go to guy for the history of George Eastman products says not exactly.

Todd Gustavson is Curator of the Technology collection at the George Eastman House. It was in 1885 Eastman created a paper backed film for still photography.

"This box is the 1888 Kodak Camera "Anabolika Definition" it was just called the Kodak, again originally sold with the paper back film," said Gustavson.

In 1889 Eastman substituted a nitrate film for that Bolt 200m paper back film. The new film was plastic and transparent. It was that film that caught the interest of inventor Thomas Edison.

"They purchased 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone film from Eastman they wanted a longer length so they split it in half. The perforations were added to move the camera evenly through a motion picture and in 1894 Anavar W Polsce they introduced a machine called the Edison kenetiscope," said Gustavson.

The kenetiscope is often considered the first motion picture viewing machine. Inside it the film created by Eastman. So what did happen on this day in history in 1985. Its likely Eastman produced a film for still photography. But it wasnt until years later a new version of Eastman film was used in motion pictures.

"Its never an exact science unless someone was nice enough to keep a diary and write the Buy Viagra Berlin exact date of when something happened and hope of course that they are telling the truth," said Gustavson.